Monday, August 10, 2009

Decagon Concept Drawings

I was recently hired to produce some technical drawings for a company in Pullman, Washington called Decagon Devices. Decagon makes sensors that monitor a number of things including soil moisture and water activity. They have some pretty interesting products. I got to tour the labs and see how the sensors were assembled and used. At one point, I had the thought I was in an episode of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. In some episodes, Mr. Rogers used to have video montages of different kinds of processes (manufacturing and otherwise) like how crayons or musical instruments are made. I always loved them and seeing something similar first hand was even better.
So, here's the first set of concept drawings for one of the sensors. As with a previous commission for an organic debris manual, I find the attention to detail required in technical drawings of this nature to be very satisfying. There's something a bit nerdy about that, I suppose, but fun is fun so I'll cop to being a nerd.

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PKV said...

Accidentally came across your blog. I am a distributor of Decagon products for Bulgaria. I just want to tell you that I am extremely impressed with the illustrations. They are great! I congratulate you!
Sincerely, Petar Vulkov, Sofia, Bulgaria,;