Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cancelled Boise Weekly Piece

Here's this week's Boise Weekly illustration. Ordinarily, I wouldn't be posting it quite so soon, but the illustration won't be run so I'm safe. The article deals with bicycle safety in Boise and the fact that drivers aren't particularly respectful of cyclists on the road. I did the illustration without realizing that three people have been killed in Boise. I would not have taken quite so morbid an approach to the illustration had I known this beforehand. My editor feels (and I agree) this illustration is inappropriate given the circumstances. That fact notwithstanding, I like the way this turned out and am sorry it won't be published.

1 comment:

Sueann Ramella said...

Powerful. What would you have done if you had known? Looking at it, I would suggest having a mangled bicycle on her grill.