Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cancelled Boise Weekly Piece

Here's this week's Boise Weekly illustration. Ordinarily, I wouldn't be posting it quite so soon, but the illustration won't be run so I'm safe. The article deals with bicycle safety in Boise and the fact that drivers aren't particularly respectful of cyclists on the road. I did the illustration without realizing that three people have been killed in Boise. I would not have taken quite so morbid an approach to the illustration had I known this beforehand. My editor feels (and I agree) this illustration is inappropriate given the circumstances. That fact notwithstanding, I like the way this turned out and am sorry it won't be published.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two new pieces

The first is last week's Boise Weekly illustration. The article is about a new library and the process through which books are chosen. The second is the final version of the recycling poster (concept drawings can be seen in an older post).

Friday, June 12, 2009

Portfolio Pages 4

Portfolio Pages 3

Portfolio Pages 2

View Book Pages

These are the pages of the portfolio I've been compiling for the last two months or so (the amount of time this took is owed both to its lowered priority in lieu of other projects and my lack of design proficiency). It turned out fairly well, I think. At least, it's exactly what I wanted. The pages are 11" x 17", so there's a decent amount of playground for the eyes. I plan on taking this book with me to meet with potential clients. Hopefully it will facilitate some business and augment my salesmanship.

Second Set

Here's the second set of the second set.

New Concept Drawings

The concept drawings for the recycling posters? They didn't go over so well (they were looking for something a little lighter). In retrospect, I should have considered the audience and context more carefully. C'est la vie. Here's the new set. I particularly like the awkward expression of the rhino.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Restoration Sketches

These sketches are part of a proposal for a statue restoration with which I may be involved.

Last Week's Boise Weekly Illustration

This is the latest BW illustration. The article dealt with the reduction of habitat of the sage grouse and pygmy rabbit due to energy concerns. I did this one relatively quickly (two days, technical difficulties notwithstanding). I like the perspective, the contrast, the depth of field, and the suggestion of motion. I don't like the design of the robot or the heavy outlines. The outlines are fallout from years of political cartooning. I think they buttonhole the piece stylistically and make it read as two dimensional.

Concepts continued

Here are the other two concept drawings.

Recycling Poster Concepts

I've been commissioned to work on a recycling poster (as the subject of this post might well indicate). These are the concepts I chose to draw, but initially there were dozens of ideas. My favorites are the dinosaur paleontologist and the wanted poster.