Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Without further eloquence...

Here's the final piece. My solution to the overly-sincere tone of the initial layout was to take it in a more caricature-like direction. I think I made the right choice. On top of solving the Rockwell dilemma, this approach offered me more license with the color and facial expressions. I particularly love the woman's hair. The traffic signs are pieces of ancillary art, to be placed throughout the article for cohesiveness.

I asked a friend of mine recently how work was going for him.

"Good." He said, and smiled. "Work is always good."

I realized he was in an enviable position. It seems rare for people to respond that way. Then I realized that I can say the same thing. I draw for a living. Work is always good.

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Anonymous said...

The look on that kid's face is awesome! It cracks me up!