Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Initial Drawing for "Dual Credit" article

I've finished the illustration for the feature article in the upcoming issue of "Programs and People" (for details on the subject matter and concept drawings, see below). I would have finished much sooner, but I started over at one point.

Initially, I took a more serious approach to the subject. It wasn't exactly realistic, but it was closer to the style you might find in a graphic novel. Having just finished (and enjoyed thoroughly) the poster for "Art on the Green", I thought I would continue in that vein.

However, problems began to emerge. Initially, the instructor/teacher character had curly hair, different glasses, and a smirk or wry smile. But when I looked it over, the scene just looked creepy to me. I changed the face dramatically, but at that point a different problem became evident: the subject combined with the style of illustration I had chosen resulted, in my opinion, in an overly sincere feel. Nothing I could think of would have saved the piece from looking saccharine.

So, even with the deadline looming, I decided to start over, knowing I would never be satisfied with the illustration I had started. (I apologize for the poor quality of the image, but my scanner wasn't quite large enough to accommodate this one.)

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