Monday, May 19, 2008

From the Archives

Here are several oil paintings I did years ago. I haven't used oil for some time, but I thought these would be nice to round out the images on this site.

Personal Work

Here are a few of pieces I've done for myself. Not all of them are recent, though.

Political Cartoons

Off and on for the last eight years, I've drawn political cartoons for countless newspapers and magazines. Unfortunately, I had to walk away from them recently. The newspaper industry is struggling right now and I just couldn't find a way to continue. Just before I put my editorial cartooning "career" on hiatus, I was making around four dollars an hour. But regardless of how much I did or did not make, I always had a great time. Here are some of my favorites...

Private Commissions

These are a few illustrations for either private parties or magazines. The process usually goes like this: Non-photo blue sketch, graphite on top of that, preliminary inking, secondary inking, watercolor/ink wash, colored pencil highlights, and final inking.

Boise Weekly Illustrations

Here are a few pieces I've drawn recently for The Boise Weekly. They're all graphite and ink with some ink wash and a few finishing touches done in Photoshop.


Thanks for dropping by. I decided to create this blog as a transitional site. My old website ( hasn't been updated for several years and I'm not really proud of the work there anymore. My new site is currently under construction (it's being designed by my friend Nick Hopkins, an excellent graphic designer living and working in Austin). For a while, I was directing anyone who wanted to see some of my recent work to my Myspace page, but Myspace makes me feel old and unprofessional to boot. So, without further ado, here's some recent work...